Hiring Support: Practical Tips for Coaches

Hiring Support: Practical Tips for Coaches When starting out, many coaches think they can or should do it all. However, as time goes on it becomes apparent that delegating certain things would make the business far more efficient and make their lives a whole lot easier! Trying to take on too much yourself leads to […]

Project Management and Resource Planning

Project Management and Resource Planning Most projects require a variety of different resources. Take, for instance, a new coaching program launch. People and budget come to mind – you may want to hire a video editor to work on your lessons, and that’s a financial investment. There’s more to it than human resources and funding […]

Project Management and Effective Leadership

Project manager showing document to team members

PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP Anyone can be a leader but that doesn’t mean that all leadership is effective. Project management demands a certain type of leader, someone who is communicative, organized, and detail-oriented with a collaborative approach and an empathetic mindset. So, how might someone most effectively lead a project? We’ve broken down both […]

Achieving an Ergonomic and Attractive Office

ACHIEVING AN ERGONOMIC AND ATTRACTIVE OFFICE Spending your working hours hunched over and staring at a screen? The physical and mental strains that come with working from home can become overwhelming. We’ve done the research on how you can make your office both ergonomic and attractive, so that your personal style actually contributes to a […]

2022’s Most Robust Social Media Scheduling Tools

Social Media Tools Blog Image

“>2022’s Most Robust Social Media Scheduling Tools Often, one of the very first things we support new clients with is recommending and implementing a social media scheduling tool. There are so many options on the market, and just like our clients, there is no way you have time to review them all! We’ve done the […]

Our Top Tech Tools List

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“>”>”>Our top Tech tools list Curious about how we work? Here’s a roundup of our favourite tools. We use them every day to organize your work and help grow your business.  May 4, 2022 Project management ASANA   We’ve tried so many project management tools and Asana is our favourite! It’s a robust tool that […]