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Our top Tech tools list

Curious about how we work? Here’s a roundup of our favourite tools. We use them every day to organize your work and help grow your business. 

May 4, 2022

Project management



We’ve tried so many project management tools and Asana is our favourite! It’s a robust tool that offers great flexibility for our team. We can integrate our clients and work there together! 


You can assign tasks, share details, set due dates and share related files. We set up Asana teams for each client and create specific projects from there. 


Keeping all communication related to each task within the comments and in a special inbox means that we can work nearly email-free with clients and team members. 


Our clients can add tasks on the go via Asana Android and iOS apps. You can even receive email notifications where you can receive and reply to comments without even opening the app.

document storage



Google Drive makes collaborating on work with each other and our clients a breeze! It’s also a great way to back up files.


Any documents that are already in MS Word can easily be converted to Google Docs, and you can create spreadsheets, forms, slides and more. Others can be invited to view, comment, edit or download files with customizable permission features.



Google Drive and apps can be accessed on all desktop and mobile devices.

web design platform



Did you know that WordPress currently powers over 41% of the web?


WordPress and accompanying plugins allow us to create websites and blogs. It’s a flexible tool that delivers robust websites – is powered by WordPress!


Calendar management + Scheduling tools 



Making the switch to Calendly for scheduling is life-changing! 


We’ll never go back to the back and forth of finding a time that works for all. With a simple link, you can share your availability for bookings on a website, in an email or in a DM professionally and efficiently. 


When the meeting attendee picks a time, it’s automatically added to your choice of calendar.

time management



Looking to improve your productivity or create mindfulness around where your time goes? Check out Toggl! It includes a timer that syncs across the desktop app, web app, browser extension, and mobile app.  

We set up all of our client projects in Toggl Track so we can keep track and report on how our time is spent.

instant messaging + chat



Like Asana, we find Slack to be a great way to communicate quickly without email. 

Asana integrates with Slack so we’re able to send tasks directly to Asana from our Slack conversations.


We love creating Slack channels where our clients interact with us. It’s a great way to send requests, ask questions, capture great ideas and share wins!

Questions about these tools or our processes? Feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to help.