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(The Guided Accountability + Project Management Package)

You’re a great coach, you’re awesome at what you do, and your clients love working with you but you find yourself overwhelmed with all there is to do in your business.

You’re a visionary with big ideas: create a book, launch a new program, do a TEDx talk, and so much more but you get stuck when it comes to the day-to-day tasks and small details.

You know what you should be doing and you’re looking for additional structure and accountability so that you can get things done in between calls with your business coach.

Vibe High’s Get Big Sh!t Done package provides the guided accountability and project management support you need to bring your big ideas to life and to get more done without the overwhelm.

Our Approach

Download all your big ideas to Moriah – she maps them out into digestible and easy to follow project plans. You then meet four times a week for daily check-ins to help you maintain focus and ensure you’re taking action on accomplishing your highest priorities.

It’s like having a second brain that’s a project management expert and accountability buddy built into one.

The First Step

We have a complimentary consultation where we dive into your business, your big goals, and the priority projects you would like to take focused action on. During this consultation, we have the opportunity to determine if we’re a good fit to work together.

GET BIG SH!T DONE – The Guided Accountability + Project Management Package starts at $575 USD/month. This includes setting up your projects under your own Asana account, which you retain ownership of. 

Lead Development Services

Exclusive Add-On

Lead Development Services are an exclusive add-on available to clients who subscribe to Vibe High’s Guided Accountability + Project Management Package and LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. 

Our Lead Development Services include a combination of highly customized outreach and engagement that complements your existing social media content strategy.


  • We help you establish search criteria which we’ll use to search for new contacts while building your lead list
  • We send customized connection requests with a personal touch
  • We perform follow ups with new connections and warm up the conversation
  • We flag any conversations that are ready for your follow up and engagement 
  • We spend time engaging with others’ content in your LinkedIn feed on your behalf

Lead Development Services are $23 USD/hour and are available for a minimum of eight hours per month. We commit to sending 20 quality connection requests for every 90 minutes spent engaging in this activity and we are pleased to provide reporting including names on request. There’s a one-time admin fee of $99 USD which includes scripting of custom message prompts we’ll use in the delivery of your services.

Book a Complimentary Consultation


Leverage working meetings with your project manager and accountability coach, Moriah, to accomplish much more. 

  • Collaborative working sessions. We meet virtually for ideation, brainstorming, and strategic project planning requiring deeper dives. This time can be used to flesh out large projects such as launches. 
  • Body doubling. We meet virtually and work on our own respective tasks. I’m “sitting with you” so you can get things done that are hard to accomplish on your own. This is a tool folks with ADHD find helpful and we can all benefit from.

Strategy Sessions are priced at $75 USD/hour. Sessions can be booked for as little as 30 minutes up to three hours, depending on your needs.  

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Are you looking for some extra structure or support to get a specific project done? Project management services are available on request. Please contact us with some details – what you’d like to accomplish and by when, and we’ll explore the project to see if we’re a fit.

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