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2022 web design trends

Throwback and vintage fashion looks are taking us back to the 70s. How is this trend reflected in web design? What else is leading the pack when it comes to the most popular web design trends this year? Take a trip with us through some of our favourite website design trends!

July 15, 2022



This architectural style, popular in the 1950s and 1970s, rose to the top of popular web design this year. Neo-brutalism = simple. This style takes you back to basics in its structure and design.

We’re talking about regular, unstyled HTML with plain backgrounds using the defaults when it comes to fonts. Photos are untouched and designers choose asymmetrical layouts – all hallmarks of digital neo-brutalism.



Make it easy. That’s what people want when browsing. 


Deliberately showing borders is a visually appealing design trend that creates a sense of stability in the layout, making the page easier to follow and helping the eye to focus on each element.


Whether it’s short, thick, thin, or dotted; the separation between your navigation is hot in the market and those page splits are absolutely interesting.



How do you engage the visitors that come to your website? Is your website interactive?


Surveys, polls, assessments, quizzes, tests, and contests are engaging for visitors and provide you with the ability to learn more about them.


These engaging interactions bring the visitor into your community and help them feel like a part of what you’re offering or explaining on your website.



Flashback to the 70s in today’s web design colour trends – bold, deliberate, eye-catching. 


Designers are choosing bold colours while being mindful not to over-exaggerate the aesthetic. Deliberate choices to get the point across, with breathing room for some colourful fun.



Minimalist web design is all about clutter-free and organized layouts with clean lines and good use of white space.


Supporting bold or soft colour palettes, minimalism can offer the perfect look for any new site (or old) that is looking for an eye-catching design and an excellent user experience.



This trend is everywhere. Organic shapes are fluid, with soft edges and flowing curves. They are perfect for breaking up sections, accenting important information, and as a theme for your digital illustrations.


Organic shapes can change the vibe or tone of the site completely. This trend is definitely one to hop onto, the soft edges of these shapes can boost just about any layout.



“Micro-interactions! Not only do they provide a delightful and engaging experience to the user, but they can be incredibly functional by providing visual feedback.” – Alexandra Schneider, User Experience Designer at Vibe High VA


Micro-interactions work to improve how a visitor connects with information on your website by providing feedback in subtle ways. 


Examples include an interactive link changing colour as a cursor hovers over it, or a cursor changing to an arrow in a gallery to indicate the visitor can scroll to the next picture with one simple click. 


Often overlooked in design, it’s the little things like these micro-interactions that add to the overall experience and create a more memorable website.

Is it time to bring your website into 2022? Are you just getting started and looking for a website that reflects your values and your style?


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