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Spending your working hours hunched over and staring at a screen? The physical and mental strains that come with working from home can become overwhelming. We’ve done the research on how you can make your office both ergonomic and attractive, so that your personal style actually contributes to a productive work day!

December 7, 2022

Office Furniture 

Desks and Office Chairs

Choosing an ergonomic office chair that is both practical and attractive is key to a comfortable and productive office environment. You’ll want to make sure that the chair has adjustable seating positions, solid back support, and is made of comfortable material. Also, make sure you are choosing a chair that feels nice to look at or fits the aesthetics of your office. This will help you feel inspired to create in your workspace, as you are filling it with elements that visually appeal to you. 

A new desk is also a good first step when deciding on the furniture for your office. Think about purchasing an adjustable sitting-to-standing desk, or an adjustable laptop stand so that there is flexibility in height. By having the option to sit or stand while working, you are providing your body with the opportunity to have some movement throughout the day.


It’s important to make sure that your space is well-measured and that everything is at an appropriate distance away from you. Taking the time to set up your office correctly, will help in reducing strain and muscle tension. 

You’ll want to make sure that you are paying attention to the height of your desk and chair, and the placement of your monitor.

If possible, you should also have open space on either side of your body in order to complete light stretches throughout the day. This open space will allow your body the chance for movement and therefore, improve blood flow and reduce muscle tension.

 Tech Setup & Accessories 

Keyboards, Monitors, and Mice

“Having two big-screen monitors, especially with adjustable height and tilting options are a game changer for me! I would also recommend getting a sitting/standing desk to be able to change positions throughout the day.” – Lucia Al-Zaiatova, Event + Project Manager

Although keyboards, mouses, and monitors could be considered smaller purchases, they make a huge impact when it comes to your comfort and productivity. 

When deciding on an ergonomic keyboard, you should be looking for a product that is customizable and easy to use. Often, it’s best to get a keyboard that is fully or partially split so that you have more control over its placement on your desk. 

Your mouse should be wireless and have a comfortable grip that fits your hand. Dual monitors with adjustable screens are also highly recommended when looking to structure an ergonomic office.


Setting up your office in a space with natural light is the best option. By having a window nearby, you’re able to decrease eye strain and have a break from staring at a screen. Using primarily natural light in your office is also a far more sustainable option than using overhead lighting. 

If natural light is not possible, then purchasing an adjustable light fixture with a “task lighting” setting is also a good option.

Personal Touches 

Although it’s important to have some personal touches in office elements like the furniture, tech gadgets, and lighting, it’s just as important to add extra items that are very unique to you. 

 Adding in small personalized touches like family photos, house plants, or artwork, allows you to have more opportunities to be inspired or feel at ease in your office. When your eyes land on something that you find to be beautiful or calming, you are more likely to be creatively inspired in your space. This will ultimately boost your productivity and lower your stress levels throughout the day.

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