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Our Top 5 Graphic Design + Branding Trends for 2023

Graphic design plays a critical role in what our world looks like. It works to form and impact the visuals around us and much like fashion or interior design, it works on a trend cycle! Sometimes trend cycles can be hard to keep up with and it can be challenging to know what’s “in” all the time. We’ve done the research on our top 5 graphic design + branding trends of 2023 so that you can stay ahead of the game when it comes to updating your brand identity!

January 26, 2023



Anti-Branding is minimal, futuristic, and focused. This bold, minimalist look is projected to be one of the most popular in graphic design for brands this year.


Anti-Branding uses monochrome packaging, bold minimalism, and branding that is “barely there” to create a look of simplicity while still standing out.


Brands that are taking on ‘Anti-Branding’ design are looking to come off as straightforward, staying, far, far away from pretentious vibes. A strong element within this design style is the room it provides to clearly communicate with your consumer base. The design relies heavily on minimalist backgrounds and bold typography to make a statement.


“Graphic design trends I see that are becoming more prominent nowadays are focused on typography and bold looks… we will definitely see a focus on custom typography that’s eye-catching and stylish.” – Simal Gormus (Graphic Designer, Vibe High VA)

Vibrant Gradients 


It could be argued that when it comes to graphic design, gradients have been one of the longest-reigning trends. However, in 2023, designers have been stepping up their game and this classic design has become far more bold and experimental. 


We are seeing gradients that are experimental in their colour combinations, fade technique, and style. Putting colours together that wouldn’t usually be combined is becoming a more popular approach, especially when paired with an irregular style or fade; think spray paint or blotching. 


Using the vibrant gradient trend is an easy way to add some colour to your website or social media templates and have them stand out in 2023!

Minimalism but Make it Bright


Bright or ‘vivid’ minimalism was popular in 2022 branding trends but this year, it’s really making its mark on graphic design. This trend keeps the simple parts of minimalism and pairs them with bright and impactful colours. 


“After a few years of focus on simple, calmer, ‘less is more style,’ I think we want to see more bright and vibrant works in design that defy the common graphic design rules and add a bit more playfulness to the product.” -Simal Gormus (Graphic Designer, Vibe High VA)


If you want to show sophistication through your graphics while making a playful statement, then this trend is the right one for you! 


An easy way to get started with this trend would be to take a plain design you’ve already created and add a bold background or bright areas of colour to make it pop.

Utilitarian Design 

Utilitarian design is all about functionality. In 2023, even more of our day-to-day lives will take place in online spaces. That’s why with this design trend, it’s most important that our websites and apps are easy to understand and navigate. 


Utilitarian design removes elements that are unnecessary and only keeps the functional, useful, and informative elements present on the platform. This ultimately creates a design that is free of clutter and just “gets to the point.” This is often achieved by taking inspiration from everyday tools like manuals and then coming up with a creative way to display that information that is simple, visually pleasing, and easy to navigate.  


Through the use of this design trend, it’s easier to establish underlying trust with your consumer as they are able to see the insight and knowledge you have regarding your business in a very clear way.

Foil Printing 


Finally, one of the biggest graphic design trends for 2023 is foil printing! This style is primarily used for print materials but is still widely popular as it adds elements of class and sophistication to your products. In other words, your products can have a luxurious appearance even if you don’t classify your brand as a “luxury” brand. 


There are almost no creative limits to how you can use foil in your prints. From achieving a more timeless look by using gold foil, or using silver for a more modernized look, to using a multi-coloured or holographic foil to appear futuristic, the creativity is endless! 


This is a great way to add a unique vibrancy to your product and can be used as a tool to showcase your brand as in-trend, unique, and creative!

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